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Painting is an exquisite joy for me, and I hope to share these feelings with my audience. 

What I'm doing .. in a couple  words - chasing the spirits living somewhere between light and shadows....

I build frame, stretch and prime canvas and just sing and fly into elusive word of light, colour rainbow and feelings. I work quickly and emotionally;usually finding right place,  light, and state takes much longer than painting itself.North American nature, its unique unspoiled magic is my constant source of inspiration. I feel that the ancient way – through nature: shapes of trees and rocks, shadows and lights - gives an excellent opportunity to express your soul. One day and place it’s cheerful, another - miserable and angry, but is always glorious.

My paintings are found in galleries and private collections  around the world, illustrations appeared in MacLean’s, Ocala Style, Niagara Life, and Brain, Child  magazines….

Graduated from Sheridan College, Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists (SCA)